Mercedes Benz MB100.
The jack-of-all-trades.

MB 100

Our MB100 was previously used as a fish sandwich bar and completely restored after purchase. It received a dark grey metallic paint job and an interior overwork. Light grey tiled rear panel, rest in anthracite. Additionally, various new lamp, electrical connections and, to top everything off, a 1,60m wide extractor hood were put in.


It is a 1995 model, fully roadworthy. The MB100 can also be equipped individually for any type of event. The 4,20m wide cooling counter offers various possibilities. Since the cooling counter can also be filled with crushed ice, the vehicle is exceptionally well suited as a bar mobile. Furthermore, any combination with coffee is possible. It is predestined as a BBQ mobile through usage of a gas grill in combination with the powerful extractor hood.

Technical Specifications of the Food Truck:

Power Supply: 16A high voltage connection, with low consumption such as refrigeration only etc. Connection possible via Schuko upon consultation. Outdoor power supply also possible via power generator upon consultation. Additional high voltage connection for the operation of separate appliances such as deep fryer or steamer has been primed.


Water Supply: Operation via tank system possible.