Life is too short for poor drinks.

Bar Catering but Different.

 Cocktails, Longdrinks and more. With our exclusive bar catering, we pass your event the final shot. Extraordinary drinks for your guests at business or private events, ordered directly from our barkeepers and freshly prepared on location.


Through the operation of a cocktail bar as well as a long-standing membership in the German Barkeeper Union with its associated competitions, advanced training, and exchange of experience, we have acquired a superb reputation, particularly in the field of beverage catering, throughout the last 20 years.


Due to high-quality spirits, cold beer or refreshing non-alcoholic alternatives, the bar often becomes the magnet of an event. Our competent bar staff ensures that none of your guests is left stranded – needless to say non-alcoholic as well.


Our mobile cocktail bar is thereby as individually applicable as our event modules! No matter what your beverage requests are or which exceptional extras you want for your event – on account of our long-standing experience we make almost anything possible.


In times of contact reduction and home office, we have expanded our concept into digital space. Tastings or team events with collective cocktail mixing directly on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. The thereto compiled boxes with the appropriate ingredients and equipment round off this unique experience.


Whether bar catering for live events or digital tasting – we gladly meet your wishes. Feel free to contact us for a consultation.