Catering for FUJITSU

Fujitsu TS has been trusting even(t)more since 2004. Consulting, catering and more – all from one provider, even worldwide. Hereinafter you will find the hitherto attended events including service overview.

Industrial Trade Fair Hannover 2018 & 2019

EuroShop and EuroCIS, respectively 2014-2017 Düsseldorf

CeBIT 2004-2015, 2017 Hannover

IFA 2006-2009 Berlin

Mobile World Congress 2016 & 2018 Barcelona

Fujitsu Forum and Fujitsu Siemens Oktoberfest respectively 2004-2019 ICM Munich and Trade Fair Augsburg respectively

Miscellaneous other one-day events and trade fairs

“Reliable partner in the realization of different catering concepts for our main trade fairs in Germany (CeBIT, Fujitsu Forum Munich) as well various partner events around the world (San Francisco, Paris, London, Copenhagen, Barcelona etc.). Even(t)more supports in demand planning and develops a concept suitable for the event together with our project managers and is autonomously responsible for the planning and execution. Even(t)more thereby takes al ot of work from our hands in the pre-planning of events as well as during execution. All agreements with trade fair construction, partners, suppliers and location work independently. Particularly the high flexibility, the quality of all food and beverages as well as the personal consultation are things we do not want to miss and we are looking forward to continued good cooperation.”

Wilfried Frewert

Director Marketing Fujitsu TS