Refreshment Squeezed Live
Our juice concepts with event character.

Vitamin C Never Hurt Nobody

Juice gives you strength, adventure awaits. What strengthened the Gummi Bears can’t be wrong for your guests. Seriously… here is our concept and a few facts. Anybody can do coffee. But what about fresh and healthy juices directly from a cold press instead? We introduce freshness to your event with our Saftista concept – an important signal in a world, which increasingly emphasizes a sustainable and healthy diet.


Saftista convinces at all levels: concept, design and quality in particular as well as almost infinite preparation possibilities will make all the difference to the competition at your next event.


Yes, fresh juice was always part of our portfolio, although not coldly pressed but rather mixed or in the form of citrus juices. Already our first acid tests for EA at Gamescom or for Fujitsu at Hannover Trade Fair have proven: Saftista makes the difference! Our juices are tailored to daily required nutrients, vitamins and minerals and therefore provide the solution for an occasional balanced and healthy refreshment.


Our Zumex Mastery is extremely capable: depending on press material, up to 500 liters of cold pressed juice can be produced within a ten-hour workday. Based on a 250ml serving size, that amounts to 2000 portions. Not bad, eh?


A quick example for how such an application could work approximately. At the Fujitsu Forum with sponsorship from NetApp, we passed a total of 4.000 cold pressed juices over the bar, which were prepared live and on-site for the audience.


Behind the scenes we continue to develop new recipes, tasteful combinations and extraordinary applications. Which vegetables and fruits go well together? Allow yourself to be amazed and convince your guests with more than simple orange juice.


We gladly create a suitable concept for your event, in which the Saftista receives its prominent place. Treat your guests to an extra freshness.